Mission & Values

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy, seek and cultivate long term business partnerships, pursue business ideas that transform markets, and empower them to realize their full potential.

We envision ourselves at the forefront of the West African economy’s development, always driven to empower the right synergies with the right businesses and industries to manifest potential for growth and forward change across a wide spectrum of industries.

We are Professionals of mining and cement industry

TAQA EST is a consulting firm for the North and West African market that provides solutions for the mining and cement industry. We define ourselves as a service and consulting company and deal with any given task or challenge.

Morocco and West Africa is nowadays one of the most important markets for European products.

The challenges are tremendous and the projects planned for long terms – all while European companies continue to enjoy a high regard. Such projects not only offer chances for big industries, but also for experts like engineers and logistical companies. Other areas, such as the digital market, provide further potential for growth.

We aim to create competitive advantages in West Africa for our clients. We analyze the market position and determine competences as well as opportunities for a strategy for the market and, in cooperation with our partners, answer legal questions or offer solutions for expansions of ongoing operations. Thorough analysis, diligent data evaluation, intercultural competences and an outside perspective are the fundamentals of our strategies.

Our partners